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Best Curry House in Manchester

“Manchester’s best curry house”

By vintage_laurie – written on 29.11.05
Rating: (5 of 5 possible stars)

  • Advantages: Absolutely delicious food, cheap, friendly
  • Disadvantages: None

There are hundreds of curry houses in Manchester and I live two minutes from the widest choice – the famous curry mile – an entire street of about 50-60 curry houses. Why then, for the last two years, have I only bothered with one?
Because Spicy Mint is, I have no doubt, the best curry house in Manchester. The interior is fabulously gaudy. A riki tiki Hawaii style bar? Check faux medieval flickering torches? Check. Mirrored walls? Again, check. If you’re lucky, you might even get sat next to the tropical fish tank.
The menu specialises in both sizzlers – hot meats brought to your table and somehow set of fire (i.e. char grilled there and then) – and in Kashmiri foods. There is the usual range of starters, all delicious substantial portions – and, of course, as soon as you arrive, there are plates of poppadoms, dips and fresh Indian salad brought over. the main courses are arranged by the substantial bit – the meats/veg/my favourite Panneer – then the sauces.

There are about 20 sauces to choose from, all the old favourites though more flavoursome and rich than anywhere else – and some specialities, including fruity Kashmiri Korma, which I’d eat every day if I could, and the orangey Malta, which is really delicious. There are also plenty of chef’s specials, including fish curries and the aforementioned sizzlers. My absolute favourite is the Kashmiri Korma Panneer, although some people find it a bit sweet, so I can also recommend heartily the Panneer Malta. It’s all good though – I’ve never met anyone who has had a bad meal. To go with it, I recommend the fluffy, flavourful Pilau rice and the naans are also fluffy and delicious.

The drinks are inexpensive – about £3 a pint and you can even BYO wine if you ask politely. The service is also wonderful. All the staff are helpful without being intrusive, quick to come over, will sort you out for more-or-less anything. And when you get the bill, you always get a plate full of soft mints, fruity softmints and Vimto lollies! It’s just opposite the Shell petrol station on Oxford Road (“town end of Curry Mile” to taxi drivers) and I’m off to pick up something now!!!!!!

Summary: Can I give it six stars please?


The Dinner Detective in Manchester Evening News

Friday 18th August, 2005

Rusholme’s Curry Mile is so packed with fantastic looking eateries that it’s always hard to choose which one to sample. Spicy Mint is nowhere near the biggest restaurant on the strip and it’s neon sign hardly stands out among the similar edifices on either side, but on a quiet Wednesday night it served me the best curry I’ve ever eaten. I’m sure that in the old days people used to order poppadoms, but nowadays it seems a plate is inevitably thrust in front of you the moment you sit down and the quality can be variable.

If they are good, however, it gets a meal off to an excellent start, which is what happened to my dining companion and I when we arrived. As we ate these, we browsed the extensive menu which gives handy hints about the supposed health benefits of some of the dishes and highlighted the ones that were particularly suitable for curry beginners or experts.

We opted for beer as an accompaniment, both choosing to sample the Cobra at £2.80 a pint, though I did notice that the wine was very good value at £7.00 for a bottle of the house white or red.

I opted to start with Keema Samosa (£1.60) and my opposite went for an unusual Aloo Kebab (£1.60), which the menu told us was mashed potato with herbs and spices coated in flour and fried. Both were delicious, as were the unidentified and unusual dips served with the starters. Spicy Mint specialises in Pakistani cuisine and for the main course we both decided to abandon the usual suspects of Rogan Josh or Dhansak and try something completely different from the speciality Pakistani section, recommended for ‘curry fanatics’.
I chose Lamb Handi (£6.90) with Plain Naan (£1.60), while my companion went for the Chicken Lahori (£6.90) with Pilau Rice (£1.60). Both were absolutely delicious and I can’t praise them enough. Cooked to perfection, very tasty and not greasy, unlike some of the curries I’ve eaten in lesser venues.

The only problem I could highlight is that because of the amount we had consumed we couldn’t finish our meals and I didn’t even have space to try the Lassi I had been looking forward to for dessert. But with the quality of the cooking and the friendly and faultlessly timed service we received throughout our meal, it won’t be long before I’m back for more.

Annie, Manchester 19/4/06 (visited on a Thursday evening)

“Staff are very friendly, it makes a pleasant change when the staff make you laugh!! I have on many occasions recommended this restaurant and will continue to do so.”